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We’re trying out loads of ways we can improve our mental health, and we want you to too! From both personal experience and academic study, we’ve learned a lot about mental health over the years, and have picked up plenty of techniques and holistic practices for improving mental health. These include things like the way we eat, how we move, how well we sleep, and what substances we do and don’t take. We are going to write blog posts and occasionally have a podcast discussing each of these methods in-depth. We also plan to speak to people far more knowledgeable in particular practices, speaking to them in-depth about how and why these methods are so effective, and what we can do to get the best out of them! We hope that this can include both experts from home and people from around the world with different cultures who often have far better methods for dealing with mental health than we do in the UK. We hope that this has the added benefits of challenging any pre-conceptions about people from a different race, culture, or creed. We hope you come with us on this exciting journey! Love Loz and Sam xxx

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