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We want to spread awareness of a wide range of natural techniques used to deal with mental health issues. The ideas expressed in these blogs are the ideas of the authors, Sam Gibson and Loz Holmes, and although we will use evidence to substantiate our viewpoints, they are at the end of the day our own views. The authors in no way claim these ideas are beneficial for every individual, and we respect that people will disagree with us and we don’t wish to shame any one for believing differently. That being said, some of the ideas expressed in these blog posts have changed our mental and physical health  over the last few months, and there is a lot of interesting evidence growing amongst psychologists for many of these ideas. 

Welcome to HeadFirst!

We’re trying out loads of ways we can improve our mental health, and we want you to too! From both personal experience and academic study, we’ve learned a lot about mental health over the years, and have picked up plenty of techniques and holistic practices for improving mental health. These include things like the way

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The Lost Art of Journaling ft. Journify

The Lost Art of Journaling Ft. Journify The words journal and diary are effectively synonymous with the subtle distinction of journaling being more about the exploration of ideas and feelings, more reflective. Whilst a diary is more about recording events, more objective in a sense. Likely originating thousands of years ago, potentially as soon as

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You are what you eat: The impact of nutrition on Mental Health

You are what you eat: The impact of nutrition on Mental Health DISCLAIMER: Neither of us are qualified nutritionists or doctors so take our recommendations with a pinch of salt and consult a health professional before making any drastic changes. Everywhere you look, we are being bombarded with information telling us what we should eat

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Why a Global Perspective on Mental Health Matters Now More Than Ever

Why a Global Perspective on Mental Health Matters Now More Than Ever: A couple of years ago I was volunteering in a refugee camp in Calais when I asked a young man from Afghanistan how he mentally copes having to live in such horrible conditions, facing daily abuse from police, thousands of miles away from

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Wim Hof: Breathing techniques and their benefits for Mental Health

Wim Hof: Breathing exercises and their benefits for Mental Health Wim Hof: world record breaker, rewriter of science, healer of disease. Known in the media as the Ice Man he gained renown for his ability to use breathing techniques and meditation to withstand extreme temperatures for times previously thought impossible for a human. He is

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Running: Great for the head, brutal on the knees:

Running: Great for the head, brutal on the knees: I have never been a fan of running. My body feels like it’s about to collapse after a mile, and attempting to run around a football pitch for five aside the morning after a hangover-inducing Wednesday night out doesn’t bear thinking about. But everything I’ve read

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My Eczema Journey

My Eczema Journey To launch the website my good friend Loz and I have both written blogs about our personal struggles up to this point. Our experiences have been very different and I in no way want to suggest my problems have been anywhere near as severe or problematic as Loz’s. There are, however, some

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My Mental Health Journey

The first blog is an explanation of my personal experience with mental health, and must unfortunately come with a trigger warning for references to suicide and depression.   For someone that has suffered from severe social anxiety and depression for their entire teenage and adult life, the idea of writing a blog post about mental

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